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Decompression Injection

What is Decompression Injection?

In order to produce parts by injection molding, plastic material has to be fed into the mold. By replacing trapped air in the mold with resin, products get molded. However, this process requires high air pressure and therefore the air gets compressed and reaches to high temperature. As a result, it creates various defects.  


We, at PTON can release the air in the mold smoothly using our original system and it reduces pressure, prevents occurrence of various defects, and provides high quality parts.

Compressed air reaches to high temperature. It creates various defects such as burrs, short molds, sink marks, burn marks and bends
Hard Plastic Fill without Mold Decompression
Our system prevents high temperature, makes resin flow smoothly, and prevents occurrence of various defects.
Mold Decompression Animation with Easy Plastic Fill
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