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Double Mold Injection
Would you like to consider reducing costs of molding parts by double molding?
We developed original double mold injection machines for specialized small plastic products. Our machines are capable of high speed production!

What is Double Molding?

By adding another layer of plastic on the top of the base plastic, it creates a special combination that a single material molding can not do.

Original Molding Machines for Specialized Precision Small Double Molding Parts

Specialized machines for about 10mm sized precision double molding parts.

Possibility of super high cycle production. We have confidence in our cost competitiveness!


Actual Video

  • Specialized precision small plastic injection(5t~40t)    

  • Implementation of ultimate cost reduction with high cycle mini runner  

  •  Insert injection         

  • Double mold injection

  • Clean room        

  • Original product control system (Pro view)

  • Thorough quality control system

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